Thermoelectric Koolatron Coolers/Refrigerators Review

Koolatron Coolers Review  

About Koolatron

Koolatron is a Canadian company with headquarters in Brantford, Ontario, a branch office in Orlando, Florida, and warehouse locations in Batavia, New York and in Rochester, Kent in the United Kingdom.

Main Features
• 12V power cord and some supplied with adapter for 110V A.C
• Internal circulation fan and brushless motor
• Dual shelves designed to fit in multiple positions
• Cools up to 40° below ambient temperature
Is Koolatron Thermoelectric Coolers Right for You
All sizes of Koolatron coolers listed below are well suited for travelers using small vehicles, trucks, trailers , boat cruises , camping , mountaineering, sporting, fishing ,wild life lovers and those travelling or working in remote locations. They can be used out doors and indoors (using an adapter) and is suitable as an alternative temporary refrigerator in case of power cuts.
These coolers can be used as beer, beverages and wine coolers.
Advantages of Koolatron Thermoelectric Coolers ( Refrigerators) 
1.Silent since it does not contain compressor.
2. More reliable compared with the standard compressor type refrigerators.
3. Rarely needs maintenance since it contain one moving part only which the circulating fan.
4. Cools down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit below air temperature.
5. Does not freeze so you are sure that all you snacks, food and drinks are kept fresh and cool enough to enjoy always.
6. Some coolers has an adjustable temperature level using a thermostat.
How to select the most suitable cooler for you
1.Please check the table below to select the suitable cooler based on size, capacity , weight and main features
2. Decide if you prefer cooling only or cooling/heating.
3. click on the cooler image to read the detailed specification , description, rating and customer reviews.
4. Select the larger capacity if you usually go camping or cruising  for few days.
Available sizes and capacities 
Listed below the most popular and cost effective koolatron coolers, some provide cooling or heating and all suitable to keep beer , beverages and wine cool and fresh.
Note : For more information and detailed customer reviews and over all rating, please click on the cooler image.
Cooler Capacity Dimensions & Weight Main Features

Koolatron 52 qt. Krusader Cooler
52-quart capacity holds up to 80 - 12 ounces cans.16.25" h x 20.50" w x 21.25" l,
18.00 pounds
• Electric travel cooler with 12V auto adapter
•Safely sits horizontally or vertically.

Koolatron P95 Travel Saver Cooler 45-Quart

45 gt capacity holds up to 67-12 ounces cans.16.38" h x 17.63" w x 21.25" l,
16.00 pounds
• Domed lid provides maximum space for larger bottles.
• Safely sits horizontally or vertically. Capacity is enough for 3 days camping.

Koolatron W75 Kool Wheeler 36qt Cooler / Warmer
36- quarts capacity holds up to 55-12 ounces cans.17.00" h x 17.30" w x 22.60" l,
18.00 pounds
•Weather-resistant housing with easy-clean liner
•Thermoelectric design heats or cools efficiently.
•Dual shelves, wheels, and carrying handle

Koolatron 36 qt. Kool Kaddy Cooler
36-quarts capacity holds up to 54-12 ounces cans.16.00" h x 16.25" w x 21.25" l,
16.00 pounds
•Sits horizontally/vertically for use as chest or upright fridge
•Includes shelf for optimal storage
•Cools up to 40° below air temperature

Koolatron 29 qt. Voyager 12-Volt Cooler
29- quarts capacity holds up to 45-12 ounces cans.15.75" h x 16.40" w x 18.00" l,
13.00 pounds
•Mid-sized electric travel cooler for cars
•Solid, hard exterior for added durability
•Space-saving cord storage compartment
•Reliable, solid design supports horizontal or vertical usage

Koolatron KargoWheeler Cooler

33- quarts capacity holds up to 48-12 ounces cans.13.75" h x 16.38" w x 19.50" l,
14.00 pounds

•Wheeled electric travel cooler with 12V power cord
•Dual shelves designed to fit in multiple positions
•Cools up to 40° below ambient temperature

Koolatron P25 26-Quart FunKool Cooler

26- quarts capacity holds up to 31-12 ounces cans.17.25" h x 16.00" w x 11.50" l,
13.00 pounds

•Flip-up locking handle and a cord storage compartment
•AC adapter optional for use at 110V

Koolatron CORC24 Corona Cruiser
48 gt capacity holds up to 72-12 ounces cans.18.40" h x 17.40" w x 23.20" l,
26.50 pounds

•Great for the Cottage, the Man Cave, Tailgating, Road trips
& Camping
•Plugs into any 12 volt receptacle or household outlet
•12 VDC or 110 VAC - (adapter included)

Koolatron 18 qt. Compact Cooler
18 gt capacity holds up to 23-12 ounces cans.9.00" h x 16.50" w x 17.75" l,
10.00 pounds

•Slim profile fits between van and SUV seats
•Latchless lid effortless one-handed access
•Handle swings up for easy carrying

Coca Cola 0.14 cubic foot Retro Fridge in Red
6 (12oz.) cans or 4 -500ml bottles0.14 cubic foot•operates on DC12- volt/AC 110 volt
•Cools up to 32 degree F Below ambient Temperature

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