Beer Cooler – Thermoelectric

Whether in Summer or the other seasons, a drink of beer is really refreshing .You might enjoy it at home or on the go hijacking ,camping ,after sport event , after a hard day of mountaineering or when you  have to go to work on a job in remote sites, any where a bottle or can of  cool beer is soothing and relaxing.

Have you ever met any body that enjoy a drink of beer warm! well I haven’t for the past sixty years of my life.

It is time to get to our main subject! The modern beer coolers. So what is a thermoelectric or some like to call it thermal beer cooler, it is a refrigerator (non freezing) constructed using the Peltier effect which state that when two pieces of metal wires connected from one end supplied with electrical source, one side becomes hot and the other cold. Developments and research added to that principles by using solid state semiconductor materials to replace the wires, then fabricated into single module called TEC (thermoelectric cooler) module. Since the module which is the heart of the cooler (refrigerator) is small , the overall size and weight of the beer cooler is usually small and light weight compared with the same capacity conventional refrigerator which use compressor.

Advantages of Thermoelectric Beer Cooler

  1. completely quite since it has no moving part.
  2. small and light weight and some easily fit into back -bag.
  3. Very durable since it uses solid state module.
  4. Works indoor and outdoor using battery supply such as car cigarette lighter socket and with adapter indoor from 110/220 volts mains supply.
  5. Keep beer and wine as cool as desired to a temperature adjustable down to about 5 degree Celsius.
  6. Needs none or little maintenance.
  7. Prices are reasonable depending on capacity and compared to conventional coolers.

How to Select the Right Beer Cooler

Big variety of suppliers and capacities are available in the market online and in stores.     So it might be a difficult choice to make, given that there are many beer coolers out there. But, there are a few things you need to consider before you make a decision, like the size and shape? Think about  the purchase of a beer cooler that is a little bigger than you require, as sometimes you won’t know exactly when more people will attend a gathering or invitation that you made which could be an embarrassing situation not to have enough beer for everybody.

Also decide whether you need a bottle or can beer cooler and where you need it, out door such as camping ,while travelling , when fishing or only for indoor use. Also decide the size and capacity.

A good variety of makes, sizes and capacities are listed in a priced list in our Store page.

If interested for more information, please check each to read detailed reviews of many people that purchased some of them. Most of coolers listed are suitable as beer and wine coolers. also available are can beer and draft beer coolers.


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