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Thermoelectric Wine Coolers

What is a Thermoelectric Wine Cooler 
Thermoelectric win cooler is a small refrigerator which does not use a compressor and refrigerant gas and works based on the Peltier Effect , Peltier French scientist found in 1834 that when a D.C electric current passes through two dissimilar metal wires joined from one end, one side becomes hot while the other becomes cold, the temperature difference between the hot and cold sides is proportional with the applied D.C current and the type of the metals used .
Nowadays the metal wires are not used to construct the cooler as they don’t produce high enough temperature difference , with advancement in the fabrication of semiconductor materials, an N-Type and P-Type semiconductor materials are used instead of the metal wires, then the wine cooler is manufactured using an array of many pairs of N-Type and P- Type semiconductors (called cooler module) to produce the right temperature difference, a fan is added to circulate the cool air. Although we are talking here about the wine coolers , it  can actually be used for keeping food reasonably warm by reversing the direction of the supplied current.
Compressor type wine Coolers or thermoelectric wine Coolers 
1. Thermoelectric wine cooler has no moving parts so it is very quite compared with the compressor type.
2. Thermoelectric wine cooler is relatively smaller than the compressor type and if you have small space in the chicken then it is  more suitable than the compressor type.
3. Thermoelectric wine cooler is  safer and more environmentally friendly since it does not use refrigerant gas.
4. The thermoelectric wine cooler need little or no maintenance compared with the compressor type cooler since it has no moving parts.
5. Small capacity thermoelectric wine cooler is very  small and mobile so you are able to use it indoors and out doors while travelling, in picnic, camping, mountaineering, fishing or in remote locations, you only need to use the cigarette car supply for it to start working, or use separate battery.
6. Thermoelectric wine cooler is free of vibration compared to the compressor type, vibration affect and disturb the natural sedimentation process in wines and spoil the taste and consistency of the wine.
7. Thermoelectric wine cooler is able to cool down to about 45 Fahrenheit which is well below the standard level required to keep wine cool and fresh ( normally about 55 Fahrenheit) .
8. Thermoelectric wine cooler never go down to the freezing level which makes it safe not to spoil its wine contents.
9. Small thermoelectric wine coolers are in general cheaper than it’s equivalent compressor type.
How to Select the Right Wine Cooler 
1.  make your mind about the maximum capacity needed taking into consideration getting cooler with a capacity a bit larger than your present need allowing for future needs.
2. Decide on the type of  material used as some are made of plastic but most are made of stainless steel.
3. Check the manufacturer dimension specification to make sure it fits into the special space in your kitchen. For outdoor , it has to be small and light to be mobile.
4. Check reviews of actual people how bought the same type of wine cooler you selected.
5. Decide which type you prefer, vertical or horizontal, perhaps horizontal is more suitable for out door use.
Taking Care of your Thermoelectric Cooler 
1. When installing indoors make sure to keep a distance between it and other appliances in the back and sides. Make sure that it is standing leveled and if it is supplied with leveling feet , adjust it to make cooler accurately leveled.
2. Observe the fan to make sure it is sunning quietly.
3. It is more effective if installed where ambient temperature is near the average as high ambient temperature can reduce its cooling.
4. Open the cooler only when necessary to allow it operate at stable cooling temperature.
In conclusion don’t forget that thermoelectric wine cooler can be surprisingly unusual and great Christmas, wedding and birthday present.
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